Help build for the present
and for the future

Who is GSDP

Reformed School Dirk Postma (Gereformeerde Skool Dirk Postma – GSDP) is an independent school based in the heart of the Moot (Pretoria), established by parents from the local community. The dream to start an own Christian reformed school where learners receive Bible-based education and upbringing from teachers with a calling, became reality with 42 learners and three teachers who gave the first faithful step  in 1986.

Through the years the Lord provided growth and a kindergarten and high school were added to the existing primary school. The school aims to equip learners  to get to know God in his Word and creation, and to prepare for the future they are called for.

Today, the school is full to the brim, with almost 400 learners and about 50 staff members. The current facilities at the primary and high schools must be expanded urgently and provision must be made for the coming years.

Therefore, an enormous project is tackled in faith:

GSDP is set to build.
Full of courage and steadfast

More about the GSDP Building Fund

The GSDP Building Fund was established to facilitate and organise this expansion. To open the doors
to reformed education for more children! To be a beacon of Light in a dark world!

Build with us!

The project of about R22 million started in April and building plans were submitted in June already.

Help us to realise and expand on the original dream, so the voice of reformed education can be
heard louder and clearer in South Africa and worldwide. Not only for our children and their children,
but for the generations to come.

You can help to build in different ways:


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